• Presentation

    The GREPES (Group of Research in Electronics of Power for Severe Environment) ctuellement gathers several Walloon companies (Thalès Alenia Space ETCA, Alstom, ABB, Cherokee International, Aqsys, Green Power Propulsion, SABCA) like most laboratories of the universities and high schools of the French community (FPMs, CERISIC, ISIMs, UCL, ULB, ULg).

    Grouping founded in 2003, the GREPES aims to federate competences of the universities, the high schools and the active companies in the field it electronic engineering and to detect the advantageous subjects of research for Walloon industrial fabric. Moreover, the GREPES wants to set up new projects of
    seek and to ensure the follow-up of it. It also wishes to promote electronic engineering near the students and, in agreement with the Walloon region, to ensure a maximum adequacy between the industrial needs and research in the universities and high schools.

    In the objective of the promotion of electronic engineering, the GREPES organizes each year the handing-over of a price which rewards two best work for end of studies among those carried out within the universities and of the high schools of
    French community.

    This price of an entire amount of 4000 € is offered by Thalès Alenia Space ETCA, Alstom, SABCA and Cherokee International, concerned companies of the promotion of the discipline.